Welcome to Creative Bliss Candle Bar

Welcome to Creative Bliss Candle Bar!

Where we foster creativity and self-care, by teaching you the art of candle making. 

Our mobile candle making workshops are held at whatever inviting space you choose. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff, who will guide you through the candle-making process.

As you work, you'll be able to ask questions and receive personalized guidance and support from our experienced instructors. You'll also be able to chat and connect with other participants. 

Once your candle is complete, you'll have the opportunity to personalize it with your own label or message, and take it home with you to enjoy. You'll leave the workshop feeling relaxed, inspired, and empowered, with a newfound appreciation for the art of candle making.

Our candle making workshops are the perfect bridal party, birthday, and team building activity!

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