Collection: Winter 'Breathe' Collection

Imagine you come home from a  cold and blustery day out, you drop your keys at the door and all you do is take a nice hot shower that will help relax, release stress, and feel good. 

Now, imagine you are in your shower and billowing clouds of potent aromatic essential oils surround helping you feel deeply relaxed as you wash away the fatigure caused by the day's stress.

Our Lux Menthol infused 'Breathe' Aromatherapy Collection is specifically designed to provide a long lasting, spa like experience right in the comfort of your bathroom. 

Larger that most tablets on the market, our sinus soothing tablets come individually wrapped in bio-degradable shrink film, allowing for them to remain fresh until you are ready to use them. 

They make the perfect Christmas, Valentine's, or Any Time gift for the woman or man who wants destress the natural way.

Our hand crafted blend of essential oils and Menthol crystals, is meticulously designed to give what our  family owned business  calls the "The Bliss Experience."  

We take pride in our craft of plant based skincare, and operate with a spirit of excellence when producing products that you and your family can enjoy. 


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