5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making When Burning Your Candles

5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making When Burning Your Candles

I have a confession to make, I am the person who absolutely loves the ‘Happy Fall Y'all’ signs and my favorite season is FALL!!!!!! Fall also signals candle burning season! I mean yes we burn candles year round, but there is something about lighting that first candle of the Fall season that makes you want to surround yourself with a nice warm blanket and cozy up with a fragrant candle and a good book.

Being a candle maker I wanted to help you start your candle lighting season off right by sharing 5 mistakes you are probably making when burning your candles.

Mistake 1: Not trimming your wick.  

Are you guilty of leaving a large black ball on your candle wick after blowing out your candle? If you are shaking your head yes, keep reading and I will tell you why you want to stop making this mistake. Trimming your wick is first and foremost an issue of safety. Candles, as lovely as they are, are really nothing more than mini combustion chambers. In a candle are flammable substances which are lit intentionally on a regular basis. Not trimming the wick to .25 inches creates the perfect height wick that will create just the right amount of melted wax that will safely allow your candle to create the pleasant atmosphere that you're after. Don’t have wick trimmers handy, DIY a pair and take a pair of nail clippers to trim the wick.

Or you could just purchase all of your candles from Creative Bliss Candle Bar!  We use natural wood from Sappy Fruit Trees sustainably sourced in the USA. 

Mistake #2  Not Burning Your New Candles Long Enough

When you bring home a Creative Bliss Candle, or any new candle for that matter, you want to make sure that the first time you burn your candle you allow enough time for the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the vessel. 

This will make sure that “tunneling” does not happen. Have you ever seen a candle that literally has a whole right down the center of it, well that is what will happen if you do not allow ample time for a ‘melt pool’ to form atop your candle at the first burn. 

Mistake #3. Burning your candle for too long. 

While we all want to enjoy the aroma of our candles while watching a good movie, reading a book, or enjoying the company of friends and family. It is best to make sure candles are not burned for longer than 4 hours. 

Mistake #4 . Moving a Lit Candle 

This mistake is one that makes my hair stand on its end...which is no easy feat since I have really curly hair. Moving a candle when lit is a recipe for disaster. Aside from the fact that wax spills are a complete nightmare to clean up. As a candle burns and the wax gets lower in the jar, which causes the glass container or vessel to become much hotter each time the candle is lit. 

Picking up a hot container will more than likely cause you to drop the candle, putting you at risk of harming yourself with hot wax. So please, please, please, place the candle on a heat resistant surface and let it sit in one place. 

If you are a person who likes the fragrance of candles, but don’t want the hassle of the flame, try our Creative Bliss Candle Melts and Warmer Set. 

Mistake #5 Not Recycling the Containers When You are Done.

Technically this is not a mistake you make while burning your candle, but not recycling perfectly beautiful glass. I personally use my candle containers as a place to hold small trinkets, change, and other small items that I have a difficult time finding a home for. 

If you have reached your limit on candle containers, and decide to toss it, the great news is that typically candle containers are made from the type of glass that can be recycled and collected curbside. 

Were you guilty of any of these 5 mistakes?  Simply reply to this email and let me know I would love to hear from you!

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